What the volunteers said – ASCO

“My six months in Uganda revolved around volunteering at ASCO. During my time there I watched it grow into a strong and stable project. Everyday I was greeted by a group of eager, loving and appreciative young boys who wanted to learn and interact. ASCO provides these boys with a safe and loving environment in which to grow up – a place they would otherwise not have. It is truly a special and worthwhile project.” – Liberty Bridge

“I was involved in ASCO from the ground roots on upwards, and, in the short time it has been operating, I have seen a tremendous growth, almost too incredible for words. This is a fantastic, well-planned organisation run by talented and caring individuals; a truly wonderful opportunity to get involved and help make a difference in Uganda. Don’t hesitate to volunteer or donate today, you’ll be giving invaluable help to an immensely worthy cause.”     – Miles Lawrence

“Having seen ASCO develop from a one roomed day centre into a fully functioning project was an absolutely incredible experience. Seeing kids who at the start we watched sleep on the streets get their first real beds and go to school are moments I will never forget. The children were so friendly and full of happiness throughout my time with them and getting to know them and seeing the boys and the project itself develop was by far the highlight of my time in Uganda.” – Joe Snape