New Transition Home for GI ASCO

Feb 15 header photo of boysWe have some very exciting news to share!   GI Trust has committed to support GI ASCO opening a transition home for the older boys ready to take the next step to supported living.

GI ASCO supports young people that have faced huge barriers in their lives. Since its founding in 2010, it has continued to adapt and develop its approach in order to enable the young people it is working with to develop the skills they require to have fulfilled lives and to prevent the cycle of street homelessness repeating itself.

The next step of its work is to launch its transition home. Boys over the age of 18 years old, in full time secondary or vocational education will move into the transition home. This will provide older members of GI ASCO an opportunity to develop the skills required for independent living, safely, with the support of GI ASCO.

The tenancy agreement on the new home has been signed and it is now being renovated. We hope the first boys will move in within the next two weeks.

The new transition home will allow GI ASCO to support in the main house up to seven addition boys who are currently street homeless. Its staff will work with potential new boys to assess their needs and identify whether they can be reunited with their family, with or without the support of GI ASCO. Only if the family is not a suitable environment would the boys be taken into the care of GI ASCO.

Thanks to the generosity of the Jowitt family, one of these spaces has been allocated to Peter and Lomer’s younger brother, Moses, who is currently being held in a juvenile detention centre because he was previously street homeless. However, additional sponsors will be needed before filling the remaining spaces within the house.

In addition, all boys at GI ASCO will develop a personalised plan with their nominated social worker, striving to identify their ambitions and goals alongside a realistic plan for achieving them. They will also participate in a programme to promote their self-esteem and personal development. We believe that this will enable the boys at GI ASCO to recognise and utilise their potential and to make a positive contribution within their community.

We have agreed that part of the money raised at the 2014 Golf Day may be used to fund the set-up cost, rent and running expenses of the transition home for the first six months. We would also like to thank Sally and Tim Powell for enabling GI ASCO to hire another social worker to facilitate this next step in its progression.

If you would like to see more of the day-to-day activities at GI ASCO, visit its Facebook page here.

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