GI ASCO is 5 years old and it needs you!

Five years ago this January, GI ASCO was founded. We would like to invite you all to celebrate by participating in a week of fundraising activities!

From Friday 6th – 13th March we would like to encourage all of our supporters to hold an event in support of GI ASCO’s new transition home. Whether it be a small cake sale at the office to a small dinner party for friends or maybe even a tea and coffee morning at your house. However big or small we would like to spread the word of GI ASCO and encourage its supporters to work together to secure its future.

As little as £10 can pay for a terms school fees for a boy in primary school in Uganda. As always, every penny donated is used to facilitate the project – and not for administration fees. Please join the GI ASCO Facebook event on its Facebook page for fundraising resources and a work plan, or email us for further information. We are aiming to raise £3900 to support the transition home for a further six months.

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