Basil Flashman Education Trust

Basil Flashman Education TrustGI Trust has been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to partner with the Basil Flashman Education Trust to help GI ASCO with the cost of primary school fees and facilitate the rise in cost as its boys progress into secondary school.

“The Basil Flashman Education Trust was established in March 2014 to honour the memory of Basil Flashman who died on 5th March 2014. Basil was a supreme educationalist as a teacher, headmaster, school governor and educational consultant who transformed the lives of young people.

Alessana and I, Basil’s granddaughters, have spent several summers working with GI ASCO. We were able to do so largely due to Basil’s generosity and support. Alessana and I are trustees of the Basil Flashman Education Trust along with our stepfather Nic, as well as Basil’s friend and colleague, Jo Newman, head of the Junior School at North London Collegiate. Due to our personal connection and love of all at GI ASCO it was decided that facilitating the boys’ education through secondary school was very important to us.

Basil’s memory is commemorated by the opportunity to all to continue in the spirit of his many gifts – to help children and young people in education. The Trust is extremely proud to be able to work with all at GI ASCO to support the boys on their educational journey.”

– Katia Hall
Trustee of the Basil Flashman Education Trust

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