Luka Bosco’s surgery

Luka BoscoIn September 2014, Luka Bosco suffered a blow to the head during a football match resulting in a macular hole in his left eye. His vision started to deteriorate, he was no longer able to read and following visits to the clinic in Jinja, we were informed that Luka would need surgery to prevent further loss of sight.  However the surgery is not available in Uganda and Luka was referred to Nairobi, Kenya.

As there is no equivalent of the British NHS in Uganda, we launched an appeal in October to cover the costs of travel, Luka’s surgery, treatment and ten day hospitalisation in Nairobi. The total cost was £2500, and thanks to the supporters of GI ASCO, we surpassed our aim within just a few days. We are incredibly grateful for your continuous support, especially during emergency medical situations. Although within our budget we include day-to-day medical situations such as cuts, grazes and malarial treatment, we have not yet got the funding to cover surgical costs.

On the 22nd October, Luka had his first surgery. Unfortunately, his eye haemorrhaged and he required a second surgery soon after which, thankfully, was successful! His recovery required him to lie on his front for two weeks to facilitate the healing of his eye.  Fortunately he was able to recover back in Jinja.

We are so pleased to say that Luka has now fully recovered his sight.  He is now back at school, and being a bright young man, he was confident enough to sit his end of year examinations.

Once again, we would not have been able to fund Luka’s surgery without the generosity of GI ASCO supporters. The project has not only committed to providing a home and education for each of the boys, but it has also committed to their futures by rectifying (where possible) medical problems that may have occurred whilst they were still on the street, as well issues that arise with being a teenage boy in Uganda!

Thanks to you, our supporters, Luka will be able to continue his education without hindrance due to poor vision.

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