ASCO needs……

At the moment ASCO desparately needs clothes. They do not have any spares at present and the older boys are growing so fast. Kalisto, Haruna and James are all now taller than Sarah! Other than that books, art supplies would be great. Teaching aids etc, the boys are now able to read short books, write sentences etc so what they need has changed a bit. The pound shops also sell cheap swimming floats, rings etc – they don’t need arm bands but anything else would be great. Most of the boys can swim now but these are useful to help them with technique etc and just for fun. Also does anyone have an old camera that they could donate? Sarah doesn’t have one and it makes updating Facebook hard

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  1. Mrs P.Breckin says:

    My daughter-in-law died last year and I haven’t had the courage till now to look at her art stuff-there’s nothing too expensive-just brushes paints,canvases etc.Are any of these of use?If so how do I get them to you?

    • admin says:

      Dear Mrs Brechin

      Thank you for your note on the gitrust website. We would certainly be interested in looking at the art materials you have – they would be put to good use at ASCO. If you could let me know where you live, I can see if one of our supporters might be able to pick them up from you.

      best wishes
      Chris Mitchell

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