Appeal for donations to help John at ASCO – PLEASE READ

Please read the following message from Sarah Kelly at ASCO

John is one of our boys, he was on the streets with his nephew until ASCO found them. John suffered a severe injury to his foot whilst on the streets which subsequently became infected. John is 12 years old and has very limited mobility, he is in pain almost constantly not only does this effect him physically but due to his injury he is left out of games, finds walking to school difficult which as you can imagine gets him down. The original injury happened 14 months ago, the damage is now so advanced that he requires surgery.

We have been to Mulago Hospital in Kampala where John was seen by a surgeon and diagnosed with a fractured ankle and osteomyelitis. There is a government hospital but it is under refurbishment and they do not know when John could be scheduled for the surgery meanwhile John is in continuing pain. The other option is to go for private care. John could be treated immediately, admitted for 5-7 days, on crutches for 4 weeks and then hopefully fully recovered. The problem with this is that is costs around £700.00. ASCO does not have the funds to be able to do this as we already work on 50% of our required budget.

If 70 people donated £10.00 or 140 people donated £5.00 or even 280 people donated £2.50 then John could received the treatment he needs and be back at school running around with his peers within no time! As soon as we have raised the money John can immediately go for treatment.

I have attached some pictures to the group profile so you can see the severity of the situation. Any donations would really make a different to Johns quality of life.

For further information, please look at the ASCO Facebook page

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