Update from Sarah & Liberty at ASCO

Morning all from Jinja, Uganda!

We are in the process of setting up a monthly e-newsletter and also would like to send you all a virtual christmas card, with photos of the boys, as an appreciation of everyones hard efforts and continuing support!

If you are interested to receive the newsletter every month please send me your email address and I will put you on the mailing list!

Many thanks and Merry Christmas from Jinja,

Liberty and Sarah x

p.s. The boys are so excited about Christmas and are so grateful for any donations and all the clothes and presents that they hopefully are going to receive.

This Christmas really is a milestone in their lives, they have never known anything like it before. A year ago their Christmas day would have been spent on the street begging but now they are part of the ASCO family and for that they are truly grateful.

Any support this Christmas would be much appreciated to make their first proper Christmas a truly special one and to ensure that they can enjoy a special festive dinner.

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1 Response to Update from Sarah & Liberty at ASCO

  1. kenneth kinuthia says:

    I would like to congratulates to you all for all the good work you are doing to assists millions of African children to to live a normal life like any other human being.
    We hopes that the entire world will recognize your work and come out in large numbers
    and give more support in whichever way.
    In my side am looking forward to my contribution in the near future.
    all the best .Good luck and have a a happy and prosperous December holiday.

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